Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nail Polish of the Week!

Sorry I haven't written in a few days guys, I've actually been away at a conference in Brighton for a few days (Together on a Mission! comment if you attended! A blog post about the event will be up soon!) and it was utterly amazing, amazing but exhausting too!

As I work as a waitress in a restaurant and nail polish is not allowed, I normally paint my nails after work on Sunday evening and then take it off again the following Saturday night ready for my Sunday shift.

Therefore, I thought this Saturday evening would be the perfect time to do a "nail of the week."

Bear in mind that I do not own any high end nail polishes and do not intend on buying any in the future, I feel there are perfectly good nail varnishes from the drugstore.

So my nail varnish of this week is Revlon's "Minted" which is number 028.

I really love the Revlon nail polishes. They are really creamy and last for ages, these photos believe it or not were taken a week after I applied it, and I have had an extremely busy week this week.

They can be streaky and not very opaque on the first coat but don't let this fool you! As soon as you apply the second coat they become smooth, and very very opaque, and the colour choice is amazing.

At £6.49 they are a little pricey, but definitely worth it. I currently own 6 and always get a couple for my birthday/ christmas as people know how much I love them! Definitely recommend them!

Anyway that's all for now beauties. Love you all and speak soon xxxxx


  1. I love the color!!!
    please check out my blog :D

  2. my auntie just bought me this colour, along with two others, today and i just posted about it, check out what i wrote and follow please.

  3. such a fabulous color! i just bought essie's turquoise and caicos and orly's gumdrop, somewhat similar but not as pretty!

    visit my blog when you have time, follow me if you like, i'll always follow you back :)

  4. love this colour:) id love you to enter my mac lipstick giveaway:) xx

  5. that colour is gorgeous :) x