Friday, 28 October 2011

Ombre Hair, and Apologies!!

Oh my goodness, I have not blogged in the longest time...I have missed you all so much, its been a crazy crazy few months but I know that is no excuse...

Anyway lets start over...I jumped on the ombre bandwagon a few months ago...I wasn't sure whether too for a while because I thought it might be too "done" and also I wasn't sure how it would look on hair which wasn't gorgeously long!

If you weren't aware a few months ago I suffered with an illness which caused my hair to become extremely brittle, and my hairdresser said the best thing would be to cut it off, so my hair went from under bust length to shoulder length, I was devastated but I am growing it back now and it is growing quicker than I thought it would.

I wanted something different done to my hair as I hate the length of it atm so I decided to ombre it.

I had to trial and error my attempt to get it just how I wanted it...

1) I used a hair lightening kit (Smart Blonde Honey Blonde Lightening Kit)
I left this on the ends of my hair for around 15 minutes, this lightened my hair to the desired level but left it extremely bright ginger...wasn't exactly what I imagined.

2) Then I used nice and easy semi permanent hair colour in medium ash blonde. This neutralised the orange and gave me the colour I wanted :)

3) Since then I have been using the John Freida Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray on just the ends of my hair every other time I wash my hair, this has maintained the lighter colour.

It needs redoing soon so when I get paid I will bleach it again, hoping to go even more blonde on the ends this time.

I have been letting my natural roots grow out which is why I love having Ombred hair so much! Its so low maintenance (the bleaching effect lasts for ages with minimum touch up) but everybody always tells me how great my hair looks. And it cost under a tenner to do!

I think I will be having Ombre hair for a while, even if it goes out of fashion, I just love it so much! And it still looks good on you girls with shorter hair, so definitely go for it. This is how my hair turned out :)